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Who We Are

The Science of Our Design

...has been developed over the past 20 plus years. We have a complete understanding of the principles and elements of design and how to utilize them to enhance your present image. We take everything into consideration, from the size of your business to your target markets, and most importantly, we look at what your long term needs are. These are beneficial in achieving a profitable outcome.

Leverage, a full service design studio and image consulting firm, is committed to taking that extra step in providing you with a look that will improve corporate appeal and productivity. With all of our available resources, each project begins with personal attention to your objectives and goals. Our services result in the transformation of the ordinary into an outstanding and functional design, developing an enhanced public and internal image which will boost productivity and your bottom line.

We develop high-end websites, print design, advertising campaigns, promotional brochures, video production, and corporate branding, as well as creative consultants for our diverse clientele.

What We Offer

Leverage Creative, Marketing, Advertising, Logo Design, Graphic Design

Form & Function

A design won’t work miracles, but it can be the difference between success or failure of your product or service. Marketing and imaging materials should be serious tools but [sometimes] viewed as boring tones, not necessarily defining anything. We don’t believe that, we approach each project with a new light.

How many frogs should you kiss before you find the right imaging consultant for your company?

Pond number one…

Determine how you want your company’s image to be viewed. All designers have strengths and weaknesses, choose wisely.

Pond number two…

Ask around. Hop from lily pad to lily pad to widen your pool. Referrals from colleagues are great because they can talk about their overall experience with the firm, as well as the final outcome.

Pond number three…

After selecting a few frogs, qualify them further by asking some questions. You’re looking for strong communication skills along with creative and/or technical know-how. You’re also looking for honesty… most frogs will remain frogs and only will become your prince.

Body of Work

Leverage Creative, Marketing, Advertising, Logo Design, Graphic Design

How We Grab Interest

Having been part of the graphic arts industry since the early ’80’s, and having witnessed many changes, we are able to use this history to our advantage. Designing in many diverse styles and formats to achieve the best results. The message and the way it is relayed are equally important.

Leverage Creative, Marketing, Advertising, Logo Design, Graphic Design

We Generate Excitement

There are no two projects the same, and each needs a different approach. We take the time to understand your objectives and create an action plan that is based on your target market.

Leverage Creative, Marketing, Advertising, Logo Design, Graphic Design

Our Ideas Help You

We help your business by seeing how we can increase your market share with either improving production or sales methods or adding new services. Now that you have found our pond, give this frog a kiss.